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We know how important second opinions are.


A grandmother recently brought her ten-year-old granddaughter to us for a second opinion.


They had gone to a dental center that has many offices in Austin. Their treatment plan was for $1,750.00




We know exactly what kind of dentist you are looking for... because that is exactly the kind of dentist we want working on our teeth!


Dr. McDougal's philosophy:


  • I perform what each individual needs and wants.
  • I perform dental treatment to a very high-quality standard.
  • I do not "find" cavities or problems that do not exist.
  • I perform the highest quality of dental work at reasonable fees with satisfaction guaranteed.


I have been practicing in Austin for fifty years, and remain a committed perfectionist!


If you are looking for a clean modern office with a caring staff, outstanding dental hygienist, a quality oriented and quality demanding dentist who is completely honest with you,

Dr. McDougal is your dentist.


We offer free, honest second opinions.  Dr. McDougal often disagrees with what many patients were told by other Austin dentists. If you are searching for an Austin family dentist or an Austin cosmetic dentist – look no further, contact us today at (512) 454-5219.


We invite you to look around our site to learn more about Dr. Gerald W. McDougal and our practice to see how we can be an integral part of your dental care. We know that the first step towards a healthy mouth begins with selecting a dentist that you can rely on and trust.


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  • Brenda K.
    I have been using him for years and recommend him every chance I get. The entire staff is ALWAYS nice, knowledgeable and helpful. He knows his stuff and I feel completely at ease when I am in there.
  • Tim H.
    My name is Tim and my mouth was a shipwreck. By shipwreck I mean jaw teeth busted at the gumline top and bottom both sides, Massive tooth decay front and sides.... A shipwreck. I had a very bad experience with a previous Dentist about 10 years ago and was terrified to see another Dentist, but the pain was getting almost unbearable and I believe my teeth were physically making me sick. So my wife found me a dentist and we made an appointment. Once the X-rays were finished Dr. McDougal did an evaluation on my mouth and we set a goal. When it came time to start the work I was very nervous (needles in the mouth, Flashbacks from years ago, Ect.) I sat in the chair and Dr. McDougal asked a few questions and the numbing process was over, Absolutely pain free! I couldn't believe it. After a few visits I realized I had met a man that cared about people, not just his patients. And with the help of his assistant Ellan they make ( THE CHAIR ) a not so bad task.
    Dr. McDougal did not try to sell me on work that I did not need, But only what was necessary. He gave me options with explanations that I could understand and the work is AWESOME. My Teeth look like Teeth again. Also I like it when Erika calls to remind me of my appointments because I would forget otherwise. I can’t leave out Laura, The Dental Assistant/Practice Manager, She's very quick to help and answer any questions we have. Dr. McDougal, Laura, and the rest of the staff work together like a finely tuned machine. In my opinion Dr. McDougal, My Dentist, Is the best dental office in the State of Texas.
  • Lacey W
    I found Dr. McDougal's website online when I was looking for a second opinion in the area. I had already visited a place down south Austin but the dentist there said I needed a root canal, which I felt was not accurate. Thank all that is good that I found Dr. McDougal because I could of been pushed into something that was not right and potentially even dangerous. Dr. McDougal is an outstanding dentist with a compassionate and humorous nature, and a level of experience that goes beyond the Mc-Dentists you find out there these days. Dr. McDougal stands out for me because of how well he treated me during my first ever occlusal(s) and the way he generally cared about me made me very comfortable. I have a rare jaw and nerve disorder that causes me great deal of pain and agony if disturbed. My general concern was that I do not get work that was not needed and that the procedure be as painless as possible. I am writing with great sincerity and gratitude today because this was the actual result that I found by choosing Dr. McDougal. And by the way thank you for your complimentary second opinion coupon offer, the savings helped a great deal! The office environment isn't some big sprawling white walled and technicians walking everywhere, instead you will be pleased with the homey feel and the great office personnel. Everyone here truly cares about each and every patient.